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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Recovery Method from Indoor Bike Training

After a twenty mile indoor bike ride and cooking an amazing Shepard's Pie for dinner with my wife, why shouldn't I be rewarded with a Southern Comfort while doing the dishes?

In some circles SoCo is considered a recovery drink. Oh, okay, maybe only in my circle. Still, it was nice to sip on between scrubbing pots and pans.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Bobke TV - Fortune Cookie Chronicles

Bob Roll was a professional bicycle racer in the 1980-1990 era. He competed in the Tour de France and dozens of other events. Roll was also quite competitive in mountain bike races. He has been a television commentator for many years during the Tour de France.

Roll is quite humorous but also insightful during his commentary. Below is a video from his most recent Fortune Cookie Chronicles on three ways biking may improve your life.

When I think back through my life it's amazing how much I really rode a bike. As a kid I always had a bike and rode everywhere. As a teenager I often rode to school and around town. It just seemed a natural thing to do. In adult life I kind of lost my use of a bike, but did commute to work on occasion. It wasn't until the past ten years or so that I have reconnected with bicycling. Much of that is due to trying to complete duathlons or triathlons, but also commuting to work.

Why do you ride?

Friday, January 6, 2017

Adidas - Break Free

I'm not promoting Adidas products by sharing this video, I just found it really moving. I can see a few people among my running buddies being like this man.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Year of the Triathlon

Thankfully 2016 is in the books and we can move on to what is sure to be an interesting 2017. A new president, a new age group for me (60+), my phased-in-retirement begins in late April (4 day work weeks) and a few of us crazily agreed to make the Lake Placid half-ironman our season goal. Jan, myself, Mike and Eileen W are doing the full distance 70.3m race and Joanne and Lou K are doing a relay.

The mindset of becoming a long-distance triathlete instead of just a runner has already begun for Jan and myself. We began swimming in earnest during December and added some biking on our indoor trainers. I have missed the dead leg feeling you get after biking and then trying to run (not). The race isn't until September 10th, but we feel there is much to work on.

To this end I have ten goals to achieve (by around 2-3pm) on September 10;

1. Make swimming 2,000 yards during my pool workouts the norm.
2. Once Canandiagua Lake warms up swims there have to be at least 2 miles. No more .5-1 mile and then have a couple of beers. I don't want to come out of Mirror Lake on 9/10 feeling exhausted.
3. Possibly do the Keuka Lake triathlon in June.
4. Do the Musselman sprint triathlon on July 15.
5. Continue doing a few running races, particularly the Rochester Runner of the Year races  now that I'm in a new age group.
6. By March I want my long bike ride to be at least 50 miles once per week.
7. Run a half-marathon before June.
8. At least once in July & August bike around Canandaigua Lake (about 45 miles) after swimming 2 miles in the lake.
9. Complete the 70.3 mile race at Lake Placid. I'm not really concerned with time, though I would love to finish faster than the one other time I completed this distance (at Tupper Lake, NY).
10. I want to enjoy the process of training.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Test Your Strength & Longevity

This link will take you to an article on 10 Things Every Lifter Should Be Able to Do, by Dan John. No, that isn't a photograph of me leading off the story, but thanks for asking.

I can do a few of the exercises and will try a few of the other tests during the next month.
What I can do;
1. Bench my bodyweight.
3. Hold a two minute plank.
6. Balance on one foot for 10 seconds ( I actually practice this). I think you should be able to do this with you eyes closed, which I struggle with at times.
9. 30 second bodyweight squat and hold.

What I can't do;
2. Deadlift double my weight. I haven't tried this exercise in years.
4. Sleep with only one pillow. I always use two. I can breathe better with two pillows and it helps with acid reflux. At least that's my excuse.
5. Sit down on floor without using hands, knees or shins. My doctor had me do this the last time I had a physical. I couldn't get back up without using a hand either. Supposedly this particular exercise is a strong indicator of how long you will live. I'm going to work on this exercise. Use this video if you need a demonstration of technique.
7. Hang for 30 seconds and do a pull-up. Repeat if you can, without letting go, up to 10x. Most people can't do 10 of them, or even one or two. I will try this test over the weekend.
8. Long jump my height. Seems like I should be able to, but have no idea. Another one to do soon.
10. Farmer's walk my bodyweight. I don't own enough weight to do this.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Nativity Scene

9h9 hours ago
A nativity scene without any Jews, Arabs, Africans, refugees or unwed mothers

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Practicing Concentration:"being in the moment"

Concentration is an important skill to develop if it doesn't come naturally to you. To get the most out of your training it's important to think about the task at hand.

There are many ways to work on this skill; yoga, meditation, indoor bike training and practicing staying down on the aero bars, remembering to "be in the moment" no matter what the task might be. Think about your form, push yourself to cover the desired distance even on those tough days. 

Maybe, though, you are at the college pool, swimming for the first time in a month since it had been closed during the holiday recess period. Maybe you ran 12 miles earlier in the day and swimming 1,000 yards was the goal for the afternoon workout? As you swim lap after lap getting more and more tired your concentration begins to wain. Even the 1,000 yard distance may be too far for today.

Suddenly, out of the corner of your eye as you take a quick breath, you spot a college girl in a bikini walking along the pool deck. She quickly jumps in the pool, in the lane next to you, but doesn't swim. She begins doing headstands in the water! Strange, but true. Could this be a drill to learn how to hold her breath? Possibly it's some kind of drill for competitive divers? Maybe she is a pole vaulter or gymnast learning how to stay upside down?  I can't tell but my laps are adding up without really thinking about it. The girl continues doing headstands over and over again, coming up for air in-between.

I guess my swimming concentration improved as I finished the workout with 1500 meters completed.